Indira: Refined Indian food with a burst of surprising flavors

Located in the heart of Helioplis’ biggest shopping mall, Holiday Inn City Stars hosts one of the best Indian restaurants in Cairo, Indira. We got the chance to try out its authentic Indian menu with all its delicacies ranging from the famous Indian street Samosa and Mango Lassie drink to the aromatic Jhinya Biryani (shrimp rice) and Gosht Vindoloo (lamb curry).  Indira’s enticing Chef Vikram Ghorpade offered us a taste of India’s genuine cuisine right at the comfort of our revolving table without having to pack our bags to New Delhi.  

The restaurant opened in November 2008, since then, they have topped the charts ranking number 4 out of 3,614 restaurants in Cairo on This is tied to Indira’s ambiance, which is a blend between modern fine dining and the essence of South Asia; its green walls and exquisite table setting puts you in a Zen mood while the fine tunes of India completes the native atmosphere. But it is all about the food taste, quality, and dining experience at Indira. Freshly backed Garlic Naan (Indian bread) and the Tandoor (Indian clay oven) are not just for show, you get to watch the skillful chefs making your bread and roasting your Mixed Tandoori right before your eyes.

Whether you like it spicy or mild, Indira assures a satisfaction for every pallet. Since we are known for our adventures, we tried everything, and the highlights were the mouth watering Murgh Makhani, a chicken curry that is mild in spice, but full of flavors and the Palak Paneer, a spinach stew made with home-made Indian farmer’s cheese, which is an Indian staple and also a healthy choice. At the end of the meal the delicious variety of desserts is what defines ending on a sweet note especially with the common dessert of India called Gulab Jamun.

You can visit Indira for a romantic date, a family gathering, a business dinner, or a nice meal after a day of shopping, it will never disappoint you.  

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