In Gods We Trust

A main part of the human feature is emotional attachment. People need someone to follow and depend on by nature. Someone to tell us what to choose while confused, someone to tell us they’ve done it too, so we can feel that we aren’t alone in a certain situation. In ancient civilizations like Egypt or Greece, we’ve followed Gods of Sun, Gods of Chaos, Gods of River, Gods of Fertility and many others, In modern civilizations, we are doing it again, but in a totally different way that lacks the sacred feature. What do we want? Security, who do we need? A Leader.

We made Rohnda Byrne (author of The Secret) and Paulo Coelho billionaires by pulling quotes from them that have the exact same meaning as many verses in all holy books. A popular person tweets a cough and we retweet. There are a number of people on social media who have thousands of followers and you can’t be sure what that person (a.k.a Tweep) actually does, did or will ever do. Add to the list reality TV stars and society pages socialites who thrived in generating our minds and needs to serve their fame and success. You start craving their homes, partners, friends, jobs, and cars without being able to see the trick of this whole game, whose main ‘cheat code’ are your unsatisfied daily needs, and when you reach the level of “I want to be them” Ka-ching! They win!

It has become an obsession to create our own heroes and heroines through the past phase. We spray them on walls, post photos and videos of them that are viewed by thousands of people who ask them to become leaders of a lost generation. As the numbers of leaders pile up, we reach the point that there is a leader for everyone and we aggressively disagree with people who don’t believe in our chosen gurus.

We grew up as spectators and viewers not as patriots and community activists. We are really good at clapping hands, whistling and recently chanting. Getting veiled was part of following a niche TV media and taking it off was part of following an exciting new Egyptian lifestyle full of queues cutting ribbons to beaches and nightclubs. How many women you know got veiled in the past couple of years? I’m sure none. How many women took off their veil in the past couple of years? I’m sure many. Was it an early millennium trend? Yes. Sadly yes, as the veil leader stopped being in the limelight in the past couple of years.

Ever since Madonna decided to convert to Kabbalah and Richard Gere said he’s a Buddhist, a whole generation of young people worldwide became thirsty for a new belief that is ‘Too cool for school’. In Egypt, meditation is starting to become the new cool thing to do. Lots of young people nowadays brag about their meditation habits and you can find a person coming to work in a bad mood just because he ‘hasn’t had the time to meditate in the morning’. If this poor generation had flipped through history books they would have found that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to meditate in the cave of Heraa’.

Blame it on mixed media messages, entertainment, fashion, that has blinded us from realism. They brain wash you, sell you life routes as the best solution to all your confusions and pains.

I think we should trust what our hearts truly believe in and follow people with actions that changed the world regardless which religion they follow, not because of their words which are a cover for their laziness and lack of action.

Don’t underestimate the power of light, too much of it can blind your eyes.

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