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In these new and trying times, it has become very clear how integral education is for our future generations. However, the key is not just education in its conventional meaning. It’s bringing up a generation of well-rounded individuals in all aspects of life, who can handle whatever it throws at them. This is our main goal at Imperial College Egypt.

Who We Are

Imperial College Egypt Main Gate
Imperial College Egypt Main Gate

Located on the east side of town, specifically in Gardenia compound near Taj City, Imperial College Egypt is a new up-and-coming international school with a different vision and a new line of thinking. It offers both British (Oxford, Cambridge, and Edexcel) and International Baccalaureate (IB) diplomas.

Introducing Scholarships: Making Knowledge Attainable

ICE Scholarship Programs
ICE Scholarship Programs

“Scholarships”—a word usually only heard when it comes to higher education. However, we at Imperial College Egypt think differently. We believe in building a population of various talents within the school and using them as role models for one another. We believe in making knowledge attainable for every student who deserves it.

What is also unique about our scholarship program is that scholarships aren’t only granted to the academically gifted. Imperial College Egypt offers scholarships for intellect— granted for activities like community service, scouts, spelling, chess, robotics, etc.

Additionally, we offer scholarships for creativity that welcome students gifted in performance arts (singing, dancing, crafts, writing). That is in addition to athletic scholarships for those who play football, basketball, volleyball, handball, and squash, to name a few.

You can learn more about Imperial College Egypt’s scholarship programs on their Facebook page.

If you believe your child is eligible for any of these scholarships, don’t hesitate to call our hotline 16590!

Also, follow our Instagram page to get the latest updates.

Why Your Child Should Enroll in ICE

ICE Early Learning Facility
One of ICE’s Early Learning Facilities

We at Imperial College Egypt want to create a place to nurture the unique and individual talents of each student; ultimately creating role models—for one another, and for society as a whole.

“We are here to create influential role models with all the competencies and confidence they need.” – Dr. Sherine Azmy, ICE President and CEO of Premier Group for Developing and Managing Educational Organizations

We believe every child has a gift, be it academic, social, athletic, intellectual, or artistic. Thus, every gift deserves to be nurtured. Enroll your child in Imperial College Egypt to secure them the chance of a lifetime in a school like no other.

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