I’m veiled but I’m not a Saint!

As the list of places banning veiled girls is getting longer and the number of girls taking their veils off is getting higher, being a veiled girl in Egypt is becoming harder. Here are some of the questions and comments veiled girls are tired of hearing


  1. I bet it’s the first time for you to be in a place where people drink

I don’t live under a rock! Do you genuinely believe I’ve never seen a bottle of alcohol before? In this day and age you have to be either a toddler or living under a rock for this to be your first time to be in a place where people drink.

“I can have fun anywhere and I don’t need to take off my veil in order to do so.”

  1. See you tomorrow! Oh wait, do they allow veiled girls there?

Well if it isn’t the question of the year. Let me check my handy list! Well, if it serves alcohol and/or is a club it probably doesn’t. Why would you invite me to that then?


  1. You’re missing out on a lot of fun!

Really? Going to the places you all end up bored with after a month? I think our idea of having fun is a bit different. Besides, I can have fun anywhere and I don’t need to take off my veil in order to do so.


  1. Why don’t you wear a turban?

Excuse me for not being a fashionista. Do I have to conform to society’s trends in order for me to become acceptable around here? Turbans might look cute, but they’re not for everyone. And they are definitely not the most comfortable.


  1. Don’t you want to take it off?

Don’t you think that if I wanted to, I probably would have? The stereotype that all veiled women are oppressed and forced into wearing the veil is so common that even some Egyptians believe it. I’m wearing the veil by my choice.


  1. Hend, Sherine and Abeer took off the veil. 3o2balek!

This is extremely rude! If you don’t want me to say “3o2balek” every time someone chooses to wear the veil, don’t do the same thing to me every time someone takes it off. Can you please stop?

“My veil doesn’t give me religious superpowers.”

  1. Is it because you don’t have nice hair?

And the reason why I cover my body is that because I’m actually an alien with purple skin. Seriously? Would I make such a commitment only  because of something that can be fixed with Keratin?


  1. You’re the Sheikha, so what do you think?

My veil doesn’t give me religious superpowers. I don’t automatically gain knowledge when I put a piece of cloth on my head. I may be veiled, but I’m not a saint!


  1. So how come you go home late?

My veil doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve never stayed up late. Why would a veil prevent me from going out and living my life? Just because I’m veiled doesn’t mean I sleep at 8pm like a five year old.

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