Iftar by the Beach! 6 Places to have Iftar in Sahel


Why spend Ramadan in Cairo unless you absolutely have to? If you can, try to skip town and go to Sahel. What’s better than a relaxing day spent by the beach, and then when it’s time for Maghrib, you go for a delicious Iftar? Here are 6 places to have Iftar in Sahel.



Andrea is everywhere; you can find branches in North Coast, Sidi Abdelrahman and so many different locations. Go for Andrea on days when you feel like having a taste of home. Their menu includes all-Egyptian classics such as molokheya, stuffed pigeons and fattah.


Fish Market

You’re in Sahel, so you might as well eat some proper seafood! Go to Fish Market for a yummy mixture of everything that comes out of the sea, grilled, fried, or made with mouthwatering marinades, you’re bound to find something you like. Fish market has many blanches in the North Coast, so you’ll always have them as an option.


Studio Masr

Studio Masr is available all around Egypt, which we’re very grateful for. Another restaurant that offers Egyptian food, but Studio Masr has the edge of its varied dishes that guarantee there’s something for everyone. Studio Masr also has the edge of being a place with fabulous vintage cinema decorations.



Delicious food with just the right atmosphere! Mistiqa in Marrasi is an Egyptian restaurant that knows how to keep its guests comfortable. Mistiqa is known for its mouthwatering grill dishes and aromatic shishas.


Halaket el Samak

Halaket el Samak in Porto Marina is one of the most famous places to eat seafood in the North Coast. You’re guaranteed delicious, fresh fish, which you choose yourself and ask for the specific way you want it to be cooked. Halaet el Samak serves many different side dishes, so prepare to have the seafood Iftar of your life.


Halaket el Samak

When all else fails, go for pizza! Maison Thomas guarantees you have delicious pizza no matter which branch it is. So if you end up in the North Coast branch in Hacienda for Iftar, know you’ll have a delicious pizza to break your fast. Enjoy the special Ramadan offers and enjoy your favorite pizza on the beach!

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