If Joey had to Fast in Ramadan!


When we think of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S we instantly think of food; from the time he stole his date’s chocolate cake to when he wouldn’t share grapes with Emma! In spirit of Ramadan, here are our favorite Joey food moments. We all go through some of these moments especially during Ramadan!

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 Just like Joey; we don’t Share Food!

Ramadan is all about sharing and giving, (and having and receiving) but when it comes to food we forget all that! When it’s time for Iftar, you’re on your own.


 When you’re So Excited to Eat you make a Mess!

You don’t know where to begin. There’s a table full of food in front of you. Your adrenaline levels start to rise, you don’t have time to eat politely so you just start jamming food in (and around) your mouth.


Bringing out the Thanksgiving Pants, or Iftar Pants in our Case

Just before the call for Maghrib prayer, you go change into your sweatpants. Having to eat Iftar in jeans is simply torture!


Eating off the Floor is OK; we Never Waste Food!

During Ramadan, we have a newfound appreciation for food! Isn’t that what Ramadan is all about? If it’s off the floor or not is irrelevant at this point.


If you’re Craving something you Eat it! Or Steal it…

The cravings we get during Ramadan are stronger than ever! Especially when it comes to dessert, so if you have your eye on something you are going to eat it! Whether or not it’s yours.


Eating whatever is in Sight, Regardless of whether you Like it or Not

When you have been fasting for 16 hours and it’s finally time to break your fast, you will eat literally anything! Even if you don’t like it, or if your little sister decided to make Iftar and it’s a tasteless mess, you will eat it.


Eating way too much

Literally everyone can relate to this! After starving for so many hours you want to make up for lost time. Soup, salad, appetizer, main course, drink and dessert all in one seating.


Anger strikes when the food is late, 1 minute past Maghreb

You expect to get your food at the exact moment you hear “Allah Akbar” is that fails to happen you start revealing your other side, which is not so pretty.



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