If F.R.I.E.N.D.S Lived in Egypt!

We all know and love Friends, but naturally we all wonder what would happen if they were in Egypt? From friendship to family, career and even relationships! So no one told you life was gonna be this way…


“Mashya m3a ragel 2ad abouki”

Monica and Richard’s relationship wouldn’t last as long as it did. It was frowned upon in the series but it would be forbidden in Egypt. Dating your dad’s best friend would only end in tears.


“Terda en okhtak tesa7eb?”

Chandler broke the number 1 rule of the “bro code”. Dating your best friend’s sister is a huge no-no in Egypt and would result in broken friendships (and broken homes). You either immediately get engaged to her – and even bringing this up will be risky – or never lay your eyes on her.


“Di mesh men mostawana”

The moment Mike’s mother set eyes on Phoebe their relationships would be over. She lived on the streets, a pimp spit in her mouth and dresses like a hippie, while Mike’s family comes from old money. We could go on and on about why Mike’s mom would never, ever, accept her!


“Enta 3andak 7 ekhwat banat”

Joey, being the only son in his family, would bear the burden of his sisters’ “honor”, of course! His wayward manners would be brought up by his mother, as she pleads with him to not use “banat elnas”, so it wouldn’t happen to his sisters.


“shayaret sorty abl el 3amaleya!”

Rachel’s nose job would haunt her for the rest of her life, especially with Social Media being used as a tool of torture and extortion by some of Egypt’s “Mean Girls”. The “nafsana” would make sure her old nose gets brought up at every single opportunity, and then made viral on Facebook thanks to all-female groups.


“Le2an Alhalal Agmal…”

Ross is clearly one of those men who like to walk back and forth down the aisle. As a matter of fact, we think he’ll fit right in here in Egypt where it’s extremely common to get married two months into a relationship.

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