If 1995 Celebrities were on Instagram

Sometimes we feel like the 1990s were a blank page in history books. We’re certain that this is not correct, mainly due to the fact that we’ve actually lived in the 1990s and know that historical events did happen. Still, had we not witnessed the 1990s, we would have thought that it was nothing but a time of metallic outfits, Spice Girls and overrated generic mediocrity.


Even Egypt was affected by this. Think about it. TV hosts, actors and actresses, musicians, businessmen and even politicians who were big in the 1990s have now disappeared.


We know that 1995 was only 20 years ago, but people who were famous back then are nowhere to be found now. Part of us is grateful because we don’t need to be reminded of how ridiculous our obsessions were. Still, we’re curious to know what they might be doing right now.


Here is what we think they would have been doing (on Instagram), had they decided to remain celebrities.


Nada Basyouni: Blondes have more fun



Khairy Hassan: I did it before it was mainstream




Ahmed Abdel Aziz: I Started Movember



Sherine Seif Elnasr: Instagram’s IT Girl



Wael Noor: Not impressed by Sherine’s Hair



ElRayan: Not Impressed by Celebrities’ Instagrams



Jala Fahmy: Serious Actress(totally) with way too long hashtags



Gihan Nasr: What? Brunettes have fun too!



Hanan Shawky: Gym Freak



Ola and Sahar Ramy: Guess which one is it?




Wafaa Mekki: Wannabe


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