I don’t Drink and I’m not a Saint

Struggles of a Non-Drinking Egyptian



Drinking has become more common in Egypt now than it was a decade ago. People used to hangout at sports clubs and TGI Friday’s sidewalk and were pretty sure they had fun. Not everyone used to drink, as it was loss of opportunity more than being religiously, spiritually aware or healthy. Here are the list of questions everyone who don’t drink usually get:



1)    You don’t drink? Seriously, why?

No seriously why not! Why are you this surprised? Is it the first time to see an Egyptian who doesn’t drink? It’s Zamalek not London!



2)    Does that mean you’ve never kissed a guy before?

Well, there are a lot of differences between alcohol and hormones! Yes, I don’t drink but I have feelings and I am not a saint. Choosing what to do and what not to do depends on my personal decision. It’s not like there is a ‘good girl package’ I have to sign up for.



3)    Can’t you even have pink champagne? You wont get drunk from one glass.

Being a non-drinker doesn’t mean I just got out of rehab! I’m not drinking by choice not out of fear of getting drunk and jumping off the 6th of October Bridge on my way back home.



4)    Even if you’re traveling abroad?

Drinking isn’t illegal in Egypt and yes even if my family and conservative friends aren’t around to judge me, so shut the hell up.



5)    Looks like you are the only one who isn’t having fun tonight.

Being the only sober human at your party is the most fun I could ever have.  You’ll believe me when I blackmail you with all the photos I personally took.



6)    Would you be offended if I ordered a drink?

 I’m not Methyphobic I just don’t drink.



7)      Your job requires being out and about all the time, how come you aren’t a social drinker?

Thank God I’m still accepted by the corporate world. I got promoted this year and I make more money than you do, so cut it out!



8)    And your bikini isn’t religiously forbidden?

I’m not a freakin’ nun!






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