How Nahawet Started Modelling at 48

In her Instagram profile bio she writes a quote: “Some people age like fine wine”. Sometimes, fashion and beauty brands put the focus on style icons of a certain age. But Nahawet Aly breaks all stereo­types by modelling for the first time in her life at forty-eight, while rocking her natural grey hair.

We first came across her photo during the behind-the-scenes of a shoot with unique fashion de­signer Mohanad Kojak. “It’s re­ally never too late to do anything. I actually don’t feel old, and I love elegance and fashion. So I sent my photos to Kojak to try out modelling,” she says.

Nahawet’s background is not related to the fashion industry. She is a boss lady, and the head office manag­er for the CEO of El Gauna. A few years ago, she some­times used to joke with her colleagues and her sons about modelling -never foreseeing she would actu­ally start modeling at forty- eight. “I enjoyed the fitting and the shoot very much. Modelling is  very  different  from my work. It was im­pressive  the  amount of love and passion I have seen from young people working in the shoot,” she adds.

Nahawet adds that people during the shoot were supportive and impressed that this is her first shoot. “Mohanad Kojak and his team, Sally Rashid the makeup artist and everyone was just beautiful,” she says.

Nahawet is not a typical mother. She told us that her sons were excited to see her pursue this experience. “My older son in specific was extremely proud. They both told me you are so cute mom,” she tells.

Letting her  untamed  grey  hair fly in the shoot and all her adult life, Nahawet tells us she loves her grey hair and never dyes it.

“I stopped dying my hair ten years ago because of an allergic reaction. I love me like this,” she adds.

Having lived all her life between El Gauna and Hurghada, the beautiful mother-of-two tells us that she changed her perspective of life three years ago. “At a turning point in my life, I started telling myself: “I love me”. Even on the outside I started changing my perspective of how I see myself. I lost weight, so I started loving clothes again.”

The bold Nahawet doesn’t believe certain colors are bound  by age.

“I always love  wearing  pink. So I started wearing pink more of­ten,” she tells.

Nahwet’s work colleagues encouraged her to create an Instagram page,  and  to  post  photos of herself. The reason behind the quote that is on her Instagram page is actually a statement from her colleague. “I am older than everyone I know at work. My colleague once told me: some people age like fine wine. You get more beautiful on the inside,”

Nahawet says. “I believe there is a message we can send to people who read this article, or women going through the experience  of  trying something for  the  first  time: I hope they can believe in themselves again,” Nahawet adds.


What would you tell your younger self?

 You’re beautiful. You’ve done and accomplished so much.


Dress: Kojak Studio

Stylist:  @ahmedwsorour

Hair : @richardelboustany

MUE: @sallyrashid_

Photography: @louay_nasser

Photo courtesy of Kojak Studio


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