Skimp on Your Travel Spending and Splurge on Your Safety

Travelling abroad is one of the most absolutely delightful experiences people can partake in, but it is not always sunshine and rainbows. Planning a trip, making sure everything goes according to plan and being safe abroad, all while having a blast, is very hard. With these few travel tips, you can ensure your safety, fun, and satisfaction.


Save on Flights

A big chunk of cash is always lost on flight tickets. There are several tips on how to save money when booking flights; first of all you will find tickets much cheaper when booking your flights a lot earlier in advance. Second of all; the more connections you have during your trip, the cheaper. Check for the cheapest deals.


You don’t Need the Five Star Hotel

If you can’t find cheap hotels in the area that you want you should use or These are basically locals that host you in their homes. It’s much cheaper and proven to be very safe since your host’s information, as well as your own, show that you’ve booked your stay with them.


Skimp on the Room, Splurge on the Neighborhood

Plenty of time you will be torn between a big room/apartment in a bad neighborhood, or a tiny one in a good neighborhood. Always go for the good neighborhood. You will only sleep in your room. So choose a place that you can safely walk to late at night.

“Try to travel as light as you can, especially if you plan on going shopping during your trip.”

Don’t Over Pack!

Airlines make fortunes on the extra weight and extra bags that people pay for. Try to travel as light as you can, especially if you plan on going shopping during your trip. It will also make your commute easier (and safer) from the airport to where you’re staying.


Walk, Walk, Walk!

Public transportation isn’t always cheap, so it’s time to take out your map and do some walking. It’s not always as far as it seems and you would be surprised at how much you could save by using those legs! Also, it’s almost always safer than taking a cab.


Be a Local

Not only does this save money, it also much the trip more fun and keeps you safe! Strangers are always more prone to get in trouble with locals because it’s easier to mug tourists. Check out local restaurants and foods, go out where the locals love to go out, shop where they shop. It’s cheaper and safer to blend in.


Age/Student Discounts

They don’t always make this clear so sometimes you have to ask but usually transportation and some stores offer discounts to students (even if you’re doing your Masters or PhD) or people under a certain age. You’re student ID could come in handy so keep it with you.

“Public transportation isn’t always cheap, so it’s time to take out your map and do some walking.”

Travel Off Season

Avoid danger by avoiding crowds. We know that most people have vacation during the same time, but if you can, try to plan your trip at the emptiest times. This also depends on where you are going. Try to avoid the most obvious times like mid-summer or Christmas for a hassle-free experience.


Prep yourself with Apps

The !Emergency! App is a brilliant way to be prepared because it gives you all the important numbers of the country you’re visiting. There is also Safety Map Worldwide, which shows you if the neighborhood you’re walking in is safe or not. !Emergency! costs 0.99 on iTunes and Safety Map is a free application.


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