How to Protect your Little Ones from Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Our children are our ultimate priority; from the moment they are born, we want to make sure they are well-protected, clothed and most importantly, well-fed. It is engrained in us to want to ensure their nutrition. And from day one of your baby’s life, you, the mother, are capable of providing them with all the nutrition they need thanks to breast milk. During the first few months of a baby’s life, the mother’s breast milk provides them with all the nutrients needed for their little bodies to develop. However, after 6 months, they tend to require more from their nutrition, otherwise they are prone to deficiencies.


1-It is highly important to ensure that children are well-protected against the extremely common Iron-Deficiency Anemia. Almost 50% of children in Egypt suffer from iron-deficiency anemia, a deficiency in which due to the lack of iron in the blood, it is unable to produce enough hemoglobin, resulting in less red blood cells.


Protecting children from this deficiency depends heavily on their diet. That is why, as a mother, one of the most important things to ensure is that your child’s diet includes foods rich in iron.


2-There are plenty of foods out there that are full of iron such as lentils, spinach, eggs and red meat; those are as delicious as they are healthy, and will provide your little one with much needed iron. And to the healthy and diverse diet of your children, you can add BebeJunior, a milk specifically tailored for infant nutritionals needs, that participates to bring iron your baby needs. Two glasses of BebeJunior milk provide your child with 69% of their needed daily of iron.


A healthy and diverse diet, full of iron as well as vitamins is fundamental not only for your child’s growth, but also to ensure that they are growing fit, healthy and strong.



Reference Code For DANONE Global : DNAO SAS – Capital 26 642 148 € – RCS Lyon 517 441 820 – Limonest




1. 42% according to WHO report, Anemia Prevalence 2011, Geneva 2015



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