How to Dress for Success! – Leave the Wonderbra at home!

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I would like to highlight something for all of you Chiquitas who have a job out there…Warning: Too much cleavage and skin can be hazardous to your career … and there’s science to prove it. Since I am in the HR field, this stands for Human Resources not Hareem Rewsha, I would like to share something. A lot of studies and I really mean a lot of studies found that being sexy on the job (and believe me I have seen a few) is viewed as inappropriate for those in all positions.


Managers who dressed provocatively (this is my word instead of "Bloody Sexy!"), however, were perceived less intelligent and less competent, while those in lower level positions (like receptionists) were not. The study also suggests that women who wear sexy clothing are perceived as using their sexuality to advance professionally. Although various media directed toward women encourage women to emphasize their sex appeal (let the sugar run), results suggest that women in high-status occupations may have to resist this temptation call to obtain the respect of their co-workers.

So what can happen if you dress lets say "provocatively" on the job?

I know for fact a woman, who was passed over for a promotion a lot of times because of her attire and physical attractiveness (and believe me bees…give honey). Another thing for all of you bees out there to take into consideration ,with the current "skin is in" fashion and the media full of images that suggest provocative dressing is acceptable, and desirable – even in the workplace, the most important thing to ask is: how can you make sure you don’t cross the line?

Here are some guidelines:

Too little is too much. Skirt lengths should be no more than one hand-width above the knee, especially for all of you out there that seem to have had a bike accident when they were young, some knees are just not made to be revealed. (Just kidding)

Make sure there is at least one-inch of room between body and fabric and that it is long enough to conceal your midriff (If u want to see the Grand Canyon check out the Discovery Channel). Stomach, breasts, back and shoulders should be covered for God’s sake, I have seen females come in an interview as if she is being interviewed for STRIKE Channel (That stupid channel with ….ummmm…strange females).

Should not be overly sheer and a bra should always be worn (with no straps revealed), for all of you out there who think that transparent straps is the greatest invention of mankind in the past ten years, take care a lot of us have x-ray vision.

No halter tops or cleavage-baring necklines.

Overly tight or hip-hugger pants that expose the midriff, I know someone that would kill me when she sees this…but come on …you are at work! Keep the Scuba Diving outfit for Sharm. God I miss Sharm.

Heels should be no higher than two inches; toe should be closed, especially those who are always cheering up for the AHLY club with their red and white nail polish. Avoid strappy styles, I have seen females come to work as if they were in the TROY movie, if you get my vibe and by the way I think one of the sexiest looks is the Old Roman look, and skip the bright colors too.

Keep your hair sleek and off your face. Avoid the teased, over-processed look. Come on I feel sorry for those who do their hair everyday. It’s work, keep the I want to get a man in this wedding look for the wedding honey.

Keep it clean and natural. Avoid heavy eyeliner (I have seen females come with the BLAIRWITCH Project look). Mesh na’sa ro3b fel shoghl or evening lipsticks. Isn’t lipstick expensive by the way?!

The point is to be noticed for your business skills, not your short skirts or push-up bra, I just love and hate that invention. It’s just like when Edison invented the light bulb, it showed a lot of things that you could not see on normal candle light. Well just to add some fun to the issue, I once read that according to a new survey, women at work say they feel more comfortable undressing in front of men than they do undressing in front of other women. They say that women are too judgmental, where of course, men are just grateful.

If you want a job or a career, dress for the job. If you want to show off your body well to all of you shakadelic babes out there that’s what the rest of the day was made for.

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