How to become a successful fashion designer

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A lot of young girls when asked ‘what do you want to become when you grow up’ reply with ‘fashion designer’, but sadly, just a few fulfill this dream. We were wondering what it takes to become a successful fashion designer and no one better than could provide us with the best answer. Read through to know about the most important pillars of building up a career in the fabulous world of runways, shoes, cars and glam.



What makes a good designer and how can I be successful?

What we can say is hard work and creativity. First of all you have to want it instead of going with the flow or because it’s a new trend. You really have to love what you’re doing and wake up every morning looking forward to it. Which leads us to the next point, don’t give up easily. You’re young, working on a brand and don’t have enough manpower or contacts. Take it slowly and everything will follow. It’s mostly a one man job at first, unless you’re lucky to have a helping hand. So make sure to do a bit of everything; PR, creativity, use your business skills and always make sure you’re developing as a designer.

Are courses a must?

They are certainly a plus and will help you get where you’re heading much faster than depending only on teaching yourself. However, we have seen a lot of designers who made it without the courses.

Is there an alternative?

What we suggest is find a good designer and most of all a good role model to intern with him/her. We know it’s not the easiest thing to find a job related to fashion in the region, let alone intern at a fashion house, but as we say you have to be patient and willing to do your best to get where you want to be. When we generally check out a design, there are several factors that need to be taken care of. It goes without saying that the look itself is one of the most important things, but quality is just as important. The material used and the finishing are highly evaluated and this is what will set you apart from anyone else. Go for a twist and offer something different with your designs, which will distinguish your brand from another. You need to study your market and come up with something creative that people in the region need. The brand name, logo, and most of all the brand identity itself are also extremely important. Imagine if your brand was a person, how would you describe it? And this description should apply to everything you design and it should have that certain spirit.

We don’t want to make things long for you, but if you need advice or guidance you know you can always talk to us on and we’d be more than happy to guide you to the right path. One last word, never give up and keep on trying until you reach a point where you’re personally satisfied with what you’re doing.

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