How to apply foundation

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Tips on applying Foundation
Apply foundation to freshly moisturized skin to ensure you have a perfect base on which to work.
Use a cosmetic sponge to apply most types of foundation – using your fingertips can result in an uneven, greasy finish.
Apply foundation in dots, and then blend each one with your sponge.
Dampen the sponge first of all, and then squeeze out the excess moisture – this will prevent the sponge from soaking up too much costly foundation.
Check for tidemarks on your jawline, nose, forehead and chin.
Choose a colour only one shade lighter than your skin tone for the most natural look. You will get best results if you use a flat brush to apply the cream into the hollows of the shadow and then gradually blend it into the rest of your makeup.
Look for the light.

Without luminosity, foundation can leave your complexion looking dull.
You can get radiance from shimmer sticks, bronzing powders or liquid makeup with shimmery finishes.
Dark complexions need only a touch of shimmer; lighter complexions require both shimmer and warmth to shine.
But keep away from shimmers with a silvery or pink-colored base, because they can leave you looking ashy.
Clean healthy skin tip
In order to use your makeup removers properly, the best way to remove makeup is to shake a few drops of make up remover on a cotton ball and dap away. If you need an oil-free product there are inexpensive cosmetic remover products available that work really well in removing dirt and oil. When removing your makeup always use a very gentle touch, use a delicate, gliding movement when caring for your skin to avoid wear and tear. By removing your makeup regularly your skin will look healthy and will protect its natural tone.
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