How Misr El Kheir Helped This Young Shepherd Turn into an Inspirational Story About Education

With the harsh living situations in Egypt, many kids sadly resort to dropping out of school to help out their families. Misr El Kheir Foundation started an initiative to help provide accessible community schools to all kids who were forced to abandon education and give up on their dreams.

Eida Mahmoud Ahmed, a shepherd in the province of Luxor, was one of these dreamers; she was forced to leave school to help out her father. Eida is a young girl in her fifth year of primary school, born in an illiterate home were education was not a priority on the list.

The young woman refused to surrender to the challenges and obstacles society has imposed on her, so she persuaded her father to allow her to attend Misr El Kheir’s community school, which fortunately was a walking distance from her home. After hearing about her inspiring story, the foundation has decided to help Eida financially with her school and university education, as a token of appreciation to her persistence and passion to seek education.

Since its establishment, Misr El Kheir Foundation has taken upon itself to develop the standard living of the Egyptian citizen, by focusing on the most important sectors that achieve a positive impact on the society as a whole; from education to health, social solidarity, and scientific research and innovation.

The community schools project is aimed to provide accessible education to the children. These schools are not constrained to a school uniform or forced to pay any fees. The timings of which they operate are even suitable with the children’s schedules, as most of them work to support their families at home. The project provides a quality-based educational system through the provision of training materials and skills, in addition to the materials prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

The foundation supports all its community schools with the necessary books and stationary for the children to use in the classroom. Misr El Kheir has managed to build and operate more than 1,000 community schools, which have helped more than 30,000 students.

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