Hop On An Exciting Trip With Your Bestie Using Our Travel Guide

A lot of us have that bestie who we say we’ll take with us on a globe-trotting travel adventure but we never end up taking the step. We are here to tell you that no time is the perfect time and to just go for it. To make it easier, we picked out countries that are visa free as well as ones that offer e-visa and visa on arrival options.

Bali, Indonesia (Visa On Arrival)

Home to crystal clear beaches and unbeatable natural landscapes of waterfalls, rivers and endless lush greenery and padi fields, there is a reason why Bali is on many people’s  bucket list. Beyond the sea and nature, there is so much you can do with your bestie in this treasured island. To experience the island’s rich culture you can hand weave your very own Balinese tenun fabric or indulge in its culinary wonders including trying out their sweet and salty skewered meat known infamously as satay. If you and your bestie are adventure seekers, you can also go on a fun and bumpy river rafting ride. The island truly does boast an eclectic mix of activities.

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Tirana, Albania (Visa Free)

Nestled in the center of Albania is its capital city of Tirana known for its enchanting nature, picturesque lakes including Bovilla and historical castles. If you are craving that fairytale experience, Tirana is the place to go. Along with its gorgeous landscape, the city is also home to quirky architectural buildings and cafes. For a unique experience, you can take your bestie and marvel at the colorful rainbow buildings around Wilson Square. You can also head to the whimsical and funky Radio Bar home to rainbow colored chairs and tables as well as vintage decor including an old sewing machine. If you and your friend have that quirky side to them than you’ll enjoy all that Tirana has to offer.

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Istanbul, Turkey (E-Visa)

For the history buffs and the lovers of exquisite architecture, Istanbul is the place to go. Blending Islamic and Christian architecture, the Hagia Sophia stands tall as a unique architectural masterpiece and is a must-visit hotspot for you and your bestie. The city is also famous for its carpets, hammam and bazaars. We recommend hitting up the Grand Bazaar for the ultimate unique shopping experience. When it comes to the food, you have to try their Börek, a steaming hot flaky pie filled with anything from meat to cheese. You also cannot miss out on their juicy kofta (grilled minced beef), kebab and lamb.

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Antigua and Barbuda (E-Visa)

A lot of us crave a Caribbean vacation and for good reason as its cluster of islands boast some of the most relaxing and serene spots to unwind and relax. A go-to island that needs to be on your bucket list has to be Antigua and Barbuda, home to reef-lined beaches, rainforests and resorts. It is also known as a yachting club meaning you and your bestie can hop on a gorgeous yacht and enjoy a relaxing journey across the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. Another great experience to share with your friend is swimming with stingrays. If you head to Stingray City, a shallow pool of water, you will meet many stingrays and even be able to feed them shrimp.

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Visa On Arrival)

The bustling capital of Cambodia is a thriving hub of historical and cultural attractions. Sitting on the banks of the mighty Mekong river, the city is known to be teeming with temples, museums as well as palaces and markets. We recommend taking your bestie and visiting the Royal Palace as this architectural wonder is home to Khmer roofs, lush gardens and ornate gilding. To truly dive into Cambodian culture, you can also attend a live performance of a traditional Khmer dance. These performances are captivating for the exquisite intricacy and sharp hand movements of the dancers.

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Each of these cities offers something different that suits all types of travelers from the adventure seekers to the history buffs. To plan the perfect trip, grab a cup of coffee with your bestie and curate the ultimate trip using our guide.



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