Home Sweet Home: Tailoring to clients’ needs

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Situated in between shops and buildings in Heliopolis, this shop can be overlooked, yet, one can now easily reach it via Facebook. Home Sweet Home is specialized in making towels and bed sheets and coverings as well as bathroom accessories and bathtub curtains.

 “I think that what distinguishes our shop from others is that it is focused on its products.” Engy Radwan, one of the owners, said “we are very specialized in what we do and we custom-make products according to the clients’ needs. So we could provide a different sized towel or a different color of a design we have.” One can also order products via Facebook and they will be home delivered.

 The shop was first established twelve years ago in Arkadia mall. Initially it was owned by Shereen Radwan, Engy’s older sister. The shop is now a family business of four siblings. “We opened the new shop in Heliopolis because we are targeting a broader spectrum of clientele,” Engy said.

 A marketing graduate at AUC, Engy is now in charge of the marketing of the shop. She makes designs as well. “I always liked drawing and sketching,” she said.

The designs vary. From classical floral patterns, to more modern patterns like squares and circles, to beachy ones, with shells or bikini tops on them. “Throughout my experience in this field, I learned that taste changes by time and that we can’t keep a certain design for long.”

 There is also a section for children’s bed sheets. Those, however, can’t be custom-made because they are not made by the shop but are bought in.

 The shop also makes designs for special occasions, like mother’s day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. This Ramadan they made funny designs that say ‘esha ya nayem’, which are Engy’s favorite designs so far. “For the special occasions’ designs we make a smaller number, since they will be only sold during a limited span of time,” she said.

 The prices range from L.E. 100- L.E.400 depending on the designs and materials. The organza material, for instance, is more expensive than other materials.

 Address: 4 El Saudi Buildings, El Nozha Street, in front of el Reqaba El Edareya, Heliopolis


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