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They say that home is where the heart is, and frankly my heart is right here in Egypt my home, and it’s quite as simple as that. Being born and raised in Egypt gives one the space and opportunity to essentially appreciate the beauty of this country and at the same time decide that you have had it with every little thing that is wrong with it. Let us acknowledge the reality that every thing in Egypt can get on your nerves or drive you crazy. The fact is and will remain that there are numerous examples of Egyptian public figures and individuals who have contributed to our lives in one way or another and who simply make us proud. There are numerous examples that could make me go on and on about what makes me proud in Egypt and as a Egyptian, and so I will try to sum it up and mention a few examples or compilation of various things.

A major point that came to me and that appeared in various opinions was the fact of how the great 1973 October war makes everyone and even youth extremely proud. The sense of pride that comes out of October’s war victory mainly focuses on the fact of how each and every soldier has achieved this meticulous and miraculous victory by sheer strength, faith and determination. The transition from 1967 throughout the years till we reached 1973 ought to make every Egyptian proud and certain of the essential strength of the true Egyptian spirit. The sheer fact that we got Sinai, our land, back should make us extremely proud. Another thing that also makes me and other Egyptians proud (and I know this may sound like an overused cliché, but actually it shouldn’t be so) is our history and culture whether represented by the various civilizations that have contributed so much to the essential core of Egypt. I mean the never to be repeated story of the 7000 years of pharonic civilization is a source of pride and marvel at the ability of these people at the time to build such a civilization and be the people at the place where many industries and inventions originated. Khan El Khalili and such places together with other Islamic monuments is also a source of pride. I have a friend who pointed out to me how proud and happy she feels on seeing and visiting the various monuments and mosques existent in Egypt and creating a sense of tolerance between people, while also being huge touristic attractions all over the world.

What I also see as a source of pride is how we know how to make others laugh (never mind the fact that sometimes this laugh can be clouded by burdens). Egyptians are also characterized by a sense of warmth and genuine caring feelings for each other with the amazing readability to be there for each other during hard times. Amongst the various stuff that currently makes me proud is the way the Egyptian music scene has evolved throughout the years, from the times of Om Kolthoum, Abdel Wahab and the everlasting songs of Abdel Halim Hafez, and on and on until the current ever growing and evolving young music scene made up of young artists and successful aspiring bands.

It is in Egypt and only in Egypt that you will get to experience the essence of a unique Ramadan with a truly Egyptian flavor. One of the greatest achievements, in my opinion, that ought to make every Egyptian proud is the children’s cancer hospital 57357, which came into existence as a result of people’s efforts to get together and contribute to sick children in dire need of help. I can tell and assure everyone from a first hand personal experience that this hospital will really make you proud. I mean it started from scratch and through donations and endless efforts, it turned into this amazing institution established to treat children from cancer.

Although, it may not seem important or that much of a deal to some people, but our exhibiting such passion for football and for standing during needed times, is to me a source of great pride.

If I am going to move on to talk about Egyptian public figures who make us proud, then I may go on and on for like forever, and so I will try to limit myself to mentioning a few examples that came to my mind, for instance Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz who has enriched Egyptian literature. I am a football fan of Al Ahly and Egyptian national football team player Mohamed Abo Treika, who is an example of someone who has it all, being a great player and an extremely decent human being who is extremely loved by all people not only in Egypt but everywhere because of his skill, manners and excellent sportsmanship.

It all boils down to this one little tiny fact which is exemplified by our genuine need to really look at our country and realize its beauty and all that it has to offer to make us proud.

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