HEY YOU! You are his slave!

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I was reading an article about the nature of the Master/Slave relationship and I found out the most male/female relationships in Egypt – and probably in the Arab world – are a replica of Master/Slave relationships. The “female slavery contract” is signed and sealed in the name of traditions or religion or both.

Let me show you how; in the article the term “master/slave” has been replaced with “owner/property”. Can you, my dear reader, deny that in most relationships the man regards the woman as his “property” and he has absolute “ownership rights” to her life and body? Is this what the man means when he says to the woman “you are mine”?

In “master/slave” relationships, the slave chooses to live a life of servitude to the master and becomes obedient property! Isn’t this how women are supposed to be in our culture? Obedient servants to their owners? Like in typical “master/slave” relationships, the owner is fully responsible for the well being of his property! The master makes sure his slave is fed, clothed, and sheltered, and the slave has no source of food or income other than his master!

This quote is my favorite:

The Owner is the final decision maker in all things, except whatever s/he may have chosen to delegate to the slave as the slave’s sphere of responsibility.

Come on? Still not convinced? Replace the word “owner” with “man” or “husband” and you might see what a life of servitude you have signed yourself to!

The article goes on to state that

“There is no part of the slave’s life that the Owner does not have the option to control, if s/he wishes to do so. How much is actually controlled is the Owner’s choice and decision, but there is an agreement that the Owner will in fact control and command the slave (to an extent determined by the Owner).”

Let me remind you of some examples from your life; the “owner” dictates what is appropriate for you to wear, what make-up you should have on, which places you are allowed to go to, who to mingle with and befriend, to work or not to work, to smoke or not to smoke, to drink or not to drink, to go out or not to go out, to have male friends or not, to use facebook or not, to talk to men or not, shall I say more?

The slave has no life independent from her master!

The slave’s being revolves around that of the master’s!

The slave wakes up every morning to please and satisfy the master!

The master is allowed to beat, humiliate, and ignore the slave!

The master is allowed to have several slaves if he chooses!

The master has the right to have sex with the slave whenever he pleases and however he pleases!

The master paid for the slave and the slave has become the private property of the master!

Are you his slave?

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