Hey You! Premarital Sex – Fact and Fiction

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It happens!

Yes, many Egyptians have premarital sex with or without full intercourse.




It only happens in certain classes!

No, it happens from the poorest of the poor to the elite.




Proper sexual eduction is next to none in Egypt!

Between those who forbid it in the name of religion and those who simply bury their heads in the sand, people have sex with their eyes closed literally!




Sex is a natural inistinct! Who needs sexual education?

If this is the case, then why do I get emails like this? Here is an email out of many emails I get from a 25 year old girl who knows nothing about sex and is engaging in it.



 I am D. I am 25 years old

 I want to ask you an urgent question and I do not sleep because of my fear.

 I was with the guy I love and we were kissing and let’s say having sex but I was with my full clothes. I didn’t take off my pants or panty.

 He had his orgasm and I saw his hands touching his thing. He had his orgasm and the stuff came out away from me and then we hugged.  I was between his arms and then he put his hand in my underwear and he moved it on the little thing that we pee from but he didn’t put his finger in my vagina and I am a virgin.

 I have the hymen but I know now I am not a virgin coz I had sex with him. Now I am worried that I got pregnant and I will not find out unless I wait to see if I get my period.

 Please tell me if I could be pregnant? I also have another question: Can I lose my virginity while masturbating? And can people tell from the way I walk if I masturbate or not?


So let me ask you a few questions and please do not depend on your “knowledge” to answer them. Please research the answers and compare the answers you get from reliable medical sources. Do not ask a friend who is married, a friend who is sexually active, a parent, or an experienced uncle!

Can you draw you genitals? Have you seen them? Have you looked at your body?

What do you know about the genitals of the opposite gender?

What do you know about masturbation?

What do you know about birth control?

What do you know about lubricants?

What does it mean if sex hurts?

What do you know about the hymen?

What do you know about STDs?

Which STDs are curable and which are not?

Which STDs have symptoms and which don’t?

Do birth control pills protect you from STDs?

What STDS get transmitted via oral sex?

Can virgins get pregnant?

Who do you go to when you suspect losing your virginity?

How many times does a girl need to have sex to actually lose her virginity?

How often should sexually active people see a doctor?

What do you do if you found out you were pregnant?

How many sperms does it take to get a woman pregnant?

Can a woman get pregnant during her period?

Can a woman be pregnant and still get her period?


Note from the editor:

FACT IS: Sexual education is a must and it does not encourage premarital sex! Regardless of activity everybody must be sexually educated to make sound judgment.

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