Hey You – Egyptian Men

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I was talking to a friend of mine (Egyptian Man) and we had an argument about Egyptian men. We agreed that generalizing is not fair and that there are exceptions but we totally disagreed on the rest of the points.

He said: Egyptian men are religious and have ethics – compared to a European or an American man.

I replied: Bull! They are double faced double edged hypocrites! Their sense of religion does not go beyond discussing the issue of the veil “hijab” and performing the rituals. I rarely see an Egyptian man grasping the essence or the spirit of religion. It is all about appearances my dear friend. Religion did not stop them from sexually harassing women in the street. It did not stop them from cheating, lying, and having affairs. They got so high on the notion of being religious to the extent of playing God in the lives of others!

He said: They are responsible and reliable more than any other nationality

I replied: Sure! They would dodge the whole notion of marriage if they could to avoid those exact two things! Yes, he would come to rescue his girl whose car broke down in the middle of the desert but he will give her shit for it! He plays savior and hates it! He plays gallant and does not believe in it! He would rather she took care of her own stuff instead of being a burden on him – somehow I understand!

He said: They are good fathers

I replied: Yeah! You see them changing diapers, sitting in clinics, buying gifts, playing games, and spending quality time with their kids! Come on! Who are we fooling? The idea of becoming a father is a mere act of selfishness and egocentricity … passing on his genes!

He said: They are good in bed

I replied: Yes of course! They encourage the woman to open up and express her needs, they respect her wishes, they ask for feedback, and they accept criticism!

He said: They are ambitious

I replied: Sure! I see how motivated and driven they are at work … they just can’t get enough of that self fulfillment taste!

He said: They are protective of their wives and families

I replied: Yes! That’s why they built cages, chains, dungeons, and interrogation rooms!

He said: They have pride and honor – unlike Westerners who allow their sisters and daughters and mothers to have boyfriends

I replied: Yes! Pride and honor exists only between a woman’s thighs … any woman!

He said: They are good looking in a masculine way

I replied: Sure! They do not believe in showers, deodorant, shaving their backs, or wearing clean socks!

He said: They warm, kind and passionate – unlike Western men who are detached and cold.

I replied: Suffocating with jealousy, doubt, and insecurity – the little man is afraid!

He said: They are loyal to their families – unlike Western men who send their parents to a home in their old age.

I replied: Of course they have to! They are the kids who were never weaned! Mama and papa still feed them through an invisible umbilical cord.

He said: They are more psychologically stable than any other nationality because they were not physically abused when they were kids

I replied: Sure! They were never taught how inferior they are or how much of a failure they will become! They were always left to chose and make their own mistakes! I agree! They might have not been physically abused but I assure you the scars and wounds of emotional abuse are much worse than those of physical abuse!

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