HEY YOU- Abortion Renegotiated

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I posted a video about abortion; watching the nurse sweep little bits of embryos that never made it to life into a bucket broke my heart.  I remembered when Sand Monkey (a friend of mine) asked me if I was pro-life or pro-choice and I remembered how Naje (another friend) laughed out loud when I said both. I am pro anything a woman wants to do to her body – anything!

If she wants to keep a baby that was conceived outside of wedlock, it’s her choice! If she wants to terminate a pregnancy because she cannot stand her husband, it’s her choice! If she wants to keep the seed of rape, fine! If she wants to get rid of the seed of rape, fine! If she feels that it was a mistake, fine! If she fell in love with the mistake, fine! I really cannot understand why someone would try to put a rule or a law to decide on behalf of me what to do with my body! So I am neither pro-life nor pro-abortion – I am pro the freedom to choose and the courage to act upon your choice.

So why did I post that video?

It is a video that would talk any woman out of having an abortion, even if the baby is unhealthy, even if she was raped, even if she hated the father, even if she hated motherhood, even if she was a complete monster! The video shows you the operation room scene in an abortion unit. A nurse is cleaning up after they had called it a day and you see tiny little hands, arms, feet, legs, heads with tiny little eyes, and other body parts of someone’s dead baby. The way that documentary is shot and directed clearly tells you that a baby is a baby even if it’s a week old.

I posted the video so that women can use it against men! Yes! I know this sounds outrageous! But that is exactly what I had in mind!

Those girls who get pregnant without a ring on the left hand finger did not get pregnant on their own, there was a man, an accomplice in the “crime”. Why is the “baby” her problem alone? Why does she have to fix it? Why does he blame it on her? Why does she pay the price – emotionally and physically – alone?

Those wives whose husbands ask them to get an abortion because they do not want any more kids or because they are not ready for kids. Why is it their responsibility? Why do they have to pay the price twice? Once when they got pregnant and again after they had lost it?

I posted that video because I wanted every woman to have the courage to say “NO! You deal with it!”

It is not your fault that he does not like condoms or that he does not control where and when he sows his seeds! If you are having sex with a man – married to him or not – who does not want kids then he should do something about it like a big boy! Tell him upfront that if you got pregnant you would not get rid of “it”! Tell him upfront that you would not bear the pain of having to kill your own child! Tell him upfront that he is just as responsible as you are! Make him watch the video!

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