With the rise of the dollar, here’s how to travel on $5-10 a day!

Traveling is one of the most beautiful adventures we can experience in our lives, but how can you afford it? When traveling most of us choose to stay at nice hotels, book direct planes, reserve touristic tours, and buy gifts and expensive food etc. However, if you manage to avoid all of these things your trip could turn from at least a month to a six month trip. Yes, 5$ to 10$ a day is more than enough in many countries to experience everything you want to!

The money-saving can begin before you even start making the holiday plans. We all spend money on things that we don’t really need everyday, so write a list of every penny you spend and see how you can cut your budget and always ask yourself, ‘how much am I willing to sacrifice for the sake of traveling?’

Here are 10 tips for traveling on a budget:

1. Never plan or book anything, just a one way ticket with no fixed plans because you’re going to be surprised with the things you want to do rather than your original plans.

2. Pack light- we always carry too much, and sometimes we get back home having never used any of the items we packed.

3. Don’t be afraid to try new things, such as eating street food, sleeping in a tent, hitchhiking, and staying over at other people’s places or sleeping in a 12 bed room in a hostel.

budget travel 4
Sleeping in a tent in Aswan

4. Only eat when you’re hungry and do not have a full stomach so you can save money and feel energetic. Local shops for local people do really cheap and tasty food that will save you money and let you sample the local cuisine. Also a fruit diet in some countries like Thailand can be a good, healthy idea.

Budget Travel
$1 Lunch

5. Do not buy gifts or shop. Get what you need not what you want, remember every penny matters and it will save a lot of money.

6. Always smile and you’ll be surprised what people will offer you; their experiences, food, a place to stay and sometimes jobs or even some cash.

7. Do not party in expensive places, you can always go to bars or places that have life music it’s more natural, cheap and fun.

budget travel five
Walking instead of taking a tour to Machu Picchu, Peru

8. Do not do any tours, always use local transportation or ask locals and they will guide to where you wish for free. It’s more fun and adventurous!

9. Don’t be shy to ask others to host you or give you a ride somewhere, that will help you a lot.

budget travel 7
With friends in Mexico City

10. Take small gifts from your hometown and sell them while traveling, and you will have extra money for other travel expenses. Working online is another option or working for a hostel abroad or in a farm is a way to get long periods of free accommodation and food.

Just remember nothing is easy, but if you really want to do something you will sacrifice a lot of things to do it. You can’t have everything in life, pick your priorities!

Abdullah Elshamy is a Travel Blogger, follow him on Instagram @Abdullahaelshamy

budget travel 3
Looking out over Fayoum
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