Here is Why We’ll Always Love Marina! The Superpower of 5 Persons on One Beach Buggy!

Marina is where most of our generation spent their summer time. We lived and laughed, had our summer flings and discovered the basic tanning methods. Although sometimes we tend to get nostalgic about “old summer days” or “90s summer”, we totally believe that the past is the past for a reason. Things have to change and new generations need to start their own summer shenanigans, but here is a tribute to great hot summer days that only our generation will understand:


  • Days when we stood in queues waiting for Amr Diab to come on Romany stage.
  • Afternoons when we joyfully gathered in hundreds at Saber (Although eating rice pudding wasn’t the main/real purpose).
  • La Plage openings and the butterflies after bumping into a crush.
  • How a very well spent weekend used to cost us 200 LE maximum.
  • Yashmak’s belly dance competitions.
  • Bassem Market the lifesaver after a late night out.
  • Breakfasts at Gad in Marina 4.
  • The Too Cool for School feeling when a friend buys a Jet Ski.
  • The super power of 5 persons on one beach buggy.
  • Family gatherings at Seagull.
  • Auto stops weren’t creepy back then.
  • An average chalet used to accommodate 2736464242 persons.
  • Nady El Sayarat…We will just leave this here for readers’ imagination.
  • Cafes at Champs Elysees screening our favorite movies. Think great hits such as El Nazer!
  • Banana Boats at el Bo7era El Mostadira were all the rage! We can’t argue with that even now.
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