Here is Why Egyptians Can’t Live in Sweden!

While half of the Egyptian population (if not all of it), daydreams about fleeing away to somewhere in heavenly Europe, they don’t know what they might be getting themselves into! Little do they know that, in Sweden for example, their Egyptian-based mentality will most probably clash with the rules before they even unpack.

  • Forget about night life! You’d better be a morning person.

While life starts in Egypt at around 7 or 8 pm, in Sweden, that’s when shops close, people head home, and prepare to go to bed by 10 pm. But if you enjoy hearing your own breath while walking amid closed stores, you’re good to go! Other than that, you are left with little options, and specific places (mostly clubs) that are open past the country’s sleeping hour.

  • You can go to jail for showering, watching TV or even washing the dishes!

If one evening you decide to stay home, take a warm bath, and watch a movie in bed, you’d better watch out and make that shower before 10. Why? So your sleeping neighbor who is only one thin wall away won’t be awakened by the sound of the rushing water. The same rule applies for washing the dishes, and watching TV at a high volume. Yup, one phone call can bring the police to your door!

  • You can’t just stuff human beings in your car!

If you are taking your whole family out for a cruise and they outnumber the car’s seats, consider your cell in jail reserved. But hey, we do understand that it must be tough to forget the old days in sahel, where kids used to sit in the trunk and all was well and good!

  • If you don’t get jailed for showering past 10, you will for cursing!

No matter how much time you spend in Sweden, you won’t lose the Egyptian temper. This could be a problem in a country that prioritizes pedestrians over cars, to the extent that someone might stop in the middle of the street just to tie his shoelaces without being run over or cursed by a driver. How can you not curse, coming from a country where people marathon their way across the street and still die? (After being cursed of course.)

  • You can’t just throw anything whatsoever in the trash!

You’ll be stunned by the amount of things you could be fined for in Sweden, most probably because these things make up your daily routine in Egypt. For instance, if your Wi-Fi router breaks, you can’t just throw it in the house trash without being fined for it. You must take it to the nearest recycling center where they sort high tech trash into containers and later recycle them. It doesn’t just come down to that, even batteries have specified trash containers so the chemicals (mainly the mercury) don’t harm the environment. The same goes for glass and plastic, and everything else really. No wonder their air and ours aren’t the same!

When you look at it this way, you’ll no longer be in a rush to pack your things and leave, because Sweden and all of Europe are missing out on one of the basic Egyptian concepts that we like to call “3al Baraka”. Trash the plastic with the paper with the glass 3al baraka, be loud and noisy 3al baraka, stuff the kids into the car and it will be fine, what could happen? 3al baraka! The only way that we know how to live is 3al Baraka!







































































Grab a pen and a paper and let’s play a little game. Write me a list of all the guys you’ve ever liked, say from high school? To college…to work life and so forth.
What? You grabbed only one paper? You too didn’t expect to need three A4 papers? Don’t panic no matter how long that list is, you are not a creep or a love machine. There is nothing to worry about. This is only natural.
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Which brings us to the law of attraction.


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