Head Above Water

When searching for an exit to our sufferings is mental suicide… 

When was the last time you said ‘What am I doing here? I don’t belong here”? I’m sure that was just a few hours ago. Every morning going to work, stuck in traffic, phone calls with clients who don’t give a damn about your idea, students having lectures and discussing their thesis in tents depending on a twitter hashtag to solve their issues, and older generations who think you burned up the country when you called for freedom. That’s our everyday scenario and you keep on saying I don’t belong here and anywhere but here, but what about ‘here’? Who does ‘here’ belong to? What is our true ultimate resistance and did anyone find it yet?

We are drowning whether we like it or not, let’s become realistic; we are drowning in one way or another. This generation is the most depressed generation Egypt has ever seen. We all want to escape. Where? Doesn’t matter we want to escape this everyday life in a depressing, noisy, harsh living city with its people who don’t encourage our dreams, visions or hopes. We are growing up and every minute passes, we grow older and our chances diminish and that happens while we are scratching the surface hoping we make a difference.

A day doesn’t consist of 24 hours anymore, you spend most of your day in your car because some people are spending theirs fighting and cursing for no good reason. The city sucks up our energy. Others can’t wait till the clock ticks five to escape a boring unproductive working day. We are surviving rather than living. The poor are surviving not to die today from hunger and disease, the rich are surviving not to suffocate from the smoke of dreams being lost in the fire. It’s a bit hard for me to understand how people raise kids around here. Get married? Ok no problem, but have kids and teach them not to throw a piece of paper in the street and there are piles of garbage cornered right next to fountains and public gardens? Tell them not to say bad words and they are hearing them being thrown at their mum while they are carried on her shoulders down the street.

So what do we do now? Sink or swim?

If we look back at history, we will find that the mighty Titanic only became famous because it drowned. The guy who built it never imagined that it’ll drown on the same day of its launch and never imagined that its drowning would make history not its beauty. The twists and turns of life are unpredictable and what we get from life should be used to serve our own benefit when life is thrown in our face, because whether we like it or not shit will always happen. If you discover you have Cancer, write an inspirational book about your journey rather than crying yourself to death. Let’s use fate like that, not because we suddenly became a hell bunch of philosophers or started looking deeper into life, because we don’t have any other option. Seriously we don’t. I still can’t believe that Felix had the option to land on another planet and didn’t utilize it as not to disappoint the world.

Let’s not just count our blessings. I think we should start ‘using’ our blessings for enjoying what we have when we are physically young and mentally old. Let’s explore while we have the ability to keep our heads above water.

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