Gucci: Kangaroo Killers or Fashion Hunters?

There’s a thin line between high-end fashion and plain animal cruelty. Gucci launched a new collection of loafers lined with real kangaroo fur. This divided people into two groups: some love it, while others see it as animal slaughter of a specie that is already declining in population.

Gucci started off with the male collection in July, and recently launched the female version in their Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection. This has stirred a debate on Social Media. While Gucci’s supporters are raving about the innovation and beauty of the loafers, animal lovers from all over the world took to Social Media to speak up against this as well, calling the loafers “ugly”, “hideous” and “stupid”. Frankly, we agree. Kangaroos are intelligent and emotional animals that shouldn’t be treated this way for a pair of shoes.

gucci male loafersfemale kanagroo

We got in touch with some of the most prominent figures in Cairo’s fashion scene to see what they think of this Gucci scandal. Most of the comments we received were negative. They don’t believe that fashion needs to cross that line or reach that extent of cruelty in order to make a statement.


Jailan El Rihany – Marketing and PR Management at Nile Projects for Trading (Retailer of Burberry, Ferragamo and Ralph Lauren in Egypt.)


“I personally believe in innovation and having a unique selling preposition, but they should abide by animal rights. There is a lot to do away from animals, but having genuine things is what gives luxury brands their edge, and sadly people invest”.


Ahmed Azzam – Fashion Designer

amhed azzam

“This is very provoking! I am personally against using any exotic leather, I never do that myself, but there are many young designers that use those exotic leathers for their designs. I think it’s insane and very abnormal, they just want to create a buzz”.


Nada Akram – Fashion Designer

nada akram

“Im totally against this, to kill a specific animal just to take their fur and make shoes is not right. This is a very stupid move”.


Sarah Taha – Fashion Blogger

Sarah Taha

“I absolutely hate it, making use of such a poor animal to make shoes. I would never wear it”.


Deana Shaaban

Deana Shaaban

“Large luxury fashion houses have a responsibility towards the world to set an example of what it means to be an entity that is considerate and conscious of the well-being of those in its surrounding environment. While I do believe that design should not be confined by anything, I also believe that the rule stops when the infringement on the freedom of living creatures begins”.

We wonder what the next step in the fashion industry will be. Will other brands learn a lesson from Gucci’s clearly bumpy ride while experimenting in the fur territory, or will they hop onto the bandwagon?

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