Has Romance Evolved to Cheesy?

Why is it that when we fall madly in love, it is always the cheesy kind of love messages and talks that we end up with? What’s the thin red line between being romantic and being totally cheesy?Romance; is there another definition other than the one we already know? Did it fade away or does it still exist? Do we miss the romance in our daily lives first and foremost? Those are all questions we ask as women. Flowers, letters, long walks on the lake are pure nostalgia in today’s love life.

Everything changes. Yes, c’est la vie! Even romance has changed. It is no longer that dreamy expression of emotions. Earlier, couples used to look forward to falling in love to experience those romantic moments of hearts skipping beats and butterflies in one’s tummy.They used to talk on land lines for hours and their biggest problem was when everyone else needed the phone. They used to keep smelling that rose that their significant other gave them during a walk. They used to continuously check his picture in the heart shaped pendant.

Is it cheesy to be romantic today? Is it too lame to express how you feel about someone? Films like Titanic didn’t only show us serious romance but it made us feel that what we missed out a lot in our lives. When Harry met Sally, Gone with the Wind and AWalk to Remember, all made women want to live love, feel it and touch it. Do you think women today compare their loved ones to screen heroes?

In the 21st century, women started looking at love from a totally different perspective. Men who call 24/7 don’t have a life. Men who want to be there on every trip their womengoes on don’t respect their partner’s space. Men who just go for holding hands are probably sexually challenged! It isn’t because they are too lame but it’s because we feel that this isn’t realistic, it’s fake and unoriginal or let me say it has expired! Real romance seemed to have faded away like everything else. Women no longer believe in those fairy tales or in happily ever after stories and in the ideal magical world of love. Women tend to see real romance as an enormous illusion. They even get intimidated when they experience romance as they fear itbut do they really want to escape it for something more intriguing?

Today, women look for more, want and expect more. They don’t want to experience the old romance that they have seen in movies and heard about from their grandparents; they are more curious. Romance isn’t about the hug nor the touch of hands; it is far more than that. It is more about “lust”! This brings us to the sexual curiosity that modern romance has brought to our society. Women are more willing to try and experience more. They don’t want to settle for the basic romance that society allows them;they want to experience it!

So do we miss cheesy after all?


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