Hamid El Sha’ery’s PJ’s bring all the Fans to Rehab

Featured Image by Sherif Shaker

As if we needed more reasons to love Hamid El Sha’ery! He now not only represents the legendary musician he is (and a relic of our 90s years that we hold very dear), but also one of our lifestyle goals. Hamid did something we all wish we could do, walked around in his PJ’s.

A picture posted 12 hours ago by Sherif Shaker on Facebook went viral. The caption translates to “when you’re walking in Rehab and find Hamid El Sha’ery coming out in his pajamas and slippers. Hamid invited all residents to go out in their pajamas on this day in an attempt to be less formal a little, kind of like nude days in Europe”.

Everyone, us included, has been sharing the picture and hoping to one day reach that level of badassery. Hamid, you’ve encouraged us to favor comfort over everything else and show up at work in our jamjams tomorrow.

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