Goodwill hunting Reviving Egypt from where to start?

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Despite their diversity, NGOs all have the same aim which is to take the country up the ladder of prosperity through “Good will”. Here is a list of different NGOs in Egypt that knock down the thought of “Is it me who will change the country?”


1. Kherna:


Go to your computer, open a new browser window, and check out this website: It is also a social networking website, with a quite unique goal. Kherna aims at giving those working in the charity field the space where they can share their experiences; it also gives NGOS the place where they can tell others the activities they hold, post videos showing them in action and call upon volunteers. This opens the door for anyone who wants to do any charity work to find the NGO which best suits them and match their interests and simply join it. All the NGOs that are mentioned in the website are credible NGOS.


Now how to volunteer?


You can become a volunteer and help with your energy and time, or you can be a donor and donate even a minimal amount of money. (


2. A.P.E:


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Instead of giving garbage collectors money or donations, APE, chose to teach them a skill and assist them in carrying out an idea which will help throughout their lives.


APE stands for “The Association for the Protection of the Environment”. It is an organization that was established in 1984, its aim has always been to improve the lives of garbage collectors by helping them recycle garbage they collect. The APE have grabbed even international attention, gained their appreciation and were given numerous international awards.

Now how to volunteer?


You can donate money to APE, or you can help in different ways, like spreading the idea of this NGO to all your friends and relatives. If you have a business or know someone who does then you can purchase some of APE’s plain business cards and print them yourself. For further information check out the website:


3. Alashanek Ya Balady – Association for Sustainable Development


The idea of this NGO was established in 2002 at the AUC by Raghda El-Ibrashi. AYB grew inside the university and after a couple of years, further branches were allowed to be established in other universities. Now, Alashanek Ya Balady has 15 branches In Egypt. AYB focuses mostly on economic development, it tries to help the country’s economy through concentrating on the unemployed, however it is more determined to help those who are without high educational degree or people who are without any educational background but have some basic skills. AYB provides them with training programs tailored to each industry or job. This NGO’s target is to help the unemployed to find a job with a fair salary. AYB also helps individuals, through a micro-lending and technical assistance setup. Loan brackets are either from 350 to 2500 LE (Egyptian Pounds) or 3000 to 10000 LE. AYB finances these micro-entrepreneurs and consults them throughout the loan period (10 to 12 months).


Now how to volunteer?


Check out the website: then click on the tab at the top of the homepage saying: “get involved”, press “join”. Fill in the application. The website will also offer you a lot of information, provide you with the activities that AYB holds and how this NGO have helped in making many people’s lives far better. The website also posts videos showing them in action.!/aybegypt


4. Nahdet El Mahrousa:


If those of a nation lost their principles, forgot about their ethics and lacked the essential morals then prosperity could never find a way to this country, reviving the country begins with restoring people’s principles, is Nahdet Masr’s (Egypt’s prosperity) main target.


This NGO started in November 2002 with the aim of restoring the old values, ideas and culture to bring back the Egyptian civilization on top. It works by rich experiences, strong networks, analysis and researches to shape the future of Egypt. There are many campaigns that this NGO holds. For example there is a project which aims in preventing the spread of “Hepatitis C” and to build awareness. Another project called “Misriyati” is concerned with how to make Egyptians become better people; making people more tolerant, less appealing to violence and underlying stereotypes.


Now how to volunteer?


Nahdet Masr’s projects uses non-formal education, it works on providing people with knowledge, creating reality success stories to be like models and examples and finally creating the space and community for peaceful living. If you’re interested, visit their website:


5. Mashrou3 Baldna:


In the pre-revolution days, one of the biggest problems that the country was facing was education and unfortunately, this problem is still evident. “Mashrou3 baldna” (our country’s project) started up by a group of friends who wanted to help the country by sustainable development that could be invested on the long run. They believe that reviving the country starts from education.


Now how to volunteer?


Easy, just go buy a wrist band from: Metro in all its branches, Diwan bookstores, Quick convenience stores (All 12 branches), Ice Watch (all branches), Eklego Furniture Stores (Zamalek, Designopolis), Mounaya (Zamalek), Orange Square (Zamalek), Posh (Zamalek), Gardenia Flowers (Zamalek), El Alsson ILI Centre (Mohandessin)




7. Nebny Foundation:


Nebny foundation (Building foundation) started after the 2011 revolution and was established by a group of Egyptian youth who also took part in the revolution, who share the dream of Egypt becoming a leading country. Nebny Foundation is aiming to educate, empower and enable youth to take part in improving the country’s economy. NF is mainly concentrating on the country’s economy and one of their potentials is to give the unemployed a working opportunity and to help in shaping a better prosperous future for Egypt with a stable and flourishing economy.


Now how to volunteer?



If you have good idea and want to be part of Good Will from home, you could put your ideas on paper and send us an article on how you think we could escalate the country to a better level, easy huh? Email:



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