Gifted with Style! 6 Egyptian Female Stylists to Keep an Eye on

Standing out as a stylist isn’t easy, but these six stylists have made it. Each one of them is unique in her own way. We have no doubt that we’ll keep seeing them in the scene.


Reem El Adl

After getting into the field of costume design for a few years she decided to get a diploma in theatre and costume design. Her attention to detail is what makes her work immaculate and highly appreciated. You may have seen her work in the movie ‘Samir wa Shahir wa Bahir’ or the TV series ‘Segn el Nesa’.


Farah El Sayed

Her style is very bold, whether it’s with colors or extravagant jewelry, you are bound to notice them. As a speaker in Egypt’s Creative Industry Summit, Farah spoke about the issues she faces as a stylist, and how some designers still don’t see the importance of having a stylist. She has styled covers for several magazines and campaigns for brands.


Sundos El Ayoub

Everything started for her 11 years ago; she started by styling editorial shoots. Then got into advertising and later into retail, steadily leading her to where she is today. Sundos was a speaker at the Creative Industry Summit earlier this year. She gave a heartfelt speech on her journey, explaining that failure is just a part of success. Her unique style is something to look out for.


Marwa Abd ElSamie

A great stylist and costume designer, known for her authentic work. Marwa is a graduate of the High Institute for Cinema. Her studies there are what led her to costume design. She was the costume designer of the hit movie ‘Teer Enta’ as well as ‘Harag W’ Marag’. She also worked on many commercials.


Gehad Abdallah

Styling celebrities, TV and Commercials is her game! She has worked on many projects from commercials to styling fashion shoots. She is known for her distinct style and standout pieces. Her work is a treat to the eyes.


Aliaa El Esseily

Aliaa is a celebrity stylist, personal shopper and image consultant; her daring style and unexpected mixes are exceptional. Being the globetrotter that she is, you can see how that inspires her style! It also seems to us that patterns are her best friend.

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