Get your child excited about eating a healthy lunch with these Lunchbox Friends!

Sometimes it can be difficult to get our children to eat healthy lunches. But if you turn their lunch into their favourite characters, they will be counting down the seconds till they can munch on their fruits and veggies!

1 slice of bread
2 slices of cucumber
2 sticks of carrot
5 slices of cheese
1 olive
1 tomato


  • Start with one slice of bread. Place the two slices of cucumber onto the bread as eyes. To complete the eyes add slices of the olive on top of the cucumber.
  • Then place the two sticks of carrot near the bottom of the bread to form the mouth.
  • For the hair, use the slices of cheese and place them at the top of the bread, styling them however you want.
  • Cut slices of the tomato into triangles to use as a bow. Place them on top the cheese to finish.
  • You can easily customize this recipe, creating different characters everyday to keep the lunch new and exciting.
  • Serve with grapes, plums or apple slices for the perfect healthy lunchbox for any child!
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