Gawezny Shokran

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Is it a tool suitable for women from conservative backgrounds who would not have natural access to men other than their family? Can this hotline be a serious tool to find a future husband?


“Men will never accept to get married through a hotline, they won’t be serious and they’ll play around. They will take it as a catalogue to find girls who are desperate to get married and they’ll start their sweet talk until they get the girls to give them some entertainment, maybe they’ll practice phone sex if things got more developed between them”, Marwa Rakha, author of the Poison Tree, tells us, “They’ll take the hotline as a spot to pick up girls like people used to do when Hi5 appeared and Facebook after it. As for parental approval, I guess they’ll be ok with it, parents want their daughters to get married and that’s it”.


Falling in love, out of love, dating, courting, coupling in 21st Century Egypt is not an easy task at all. Should we be happy to have a contemporary tool assisting us? Would that be safe? Would you consider it? What do you think about this project? Do you think society will use it properly or will it be a catalogue to pick up the desperate?


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