From Trash to Treasure

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1) Play around with mirrors and colors.


You need:

Wooden frames with mirrors instead of glass

Acrylic or wood colors (available at well-selected stationary shops)



Color the frames based on the color scheme at your house and hang them either in one line or in a square.


2) Give a unique touch to your home and renew your couch. Get 3 different matching fabrics for cushions and paint the same design on 3 different canvases. Be sure that your unique home decoration solution will be the hit of your next movie night.


You need:

3 Painting canvases (available in all sizes at stationary shops)

Acrylic colors



Copy the design of the cushion fabric on the canvas and hang you paintings close to the couch.

3) Customize your baby’s changing table!


You need:

Empty baby milk cans

Glue Gun or regular glue

Acrylic colors (available at any stationary shop)

Any accessory item that can be used as a knob (we used a sea shell, you could use a small doll, toy car or a dice etc.)



Wash the cans thoroughly and color them white to cover up the writing then paint your desired color on it. After the background color has dried off start writing or drawing on it something that matches the content or the accessory item that you will use. Leave the plastic lid of the can uncolored and glue the accessory item on it.

4) Soap Potpourri


You need:

Empty Nutella glass

Hay strings

Paper card (optional)

1 Soap bar

Sack Cloth




Grind the soap bar with a kitchen shaver into little soap shaves and fill them into the empty and clean Nutella glass. Cover the glass up with a piece of Sack cloth and wrap the hay string around the bottle neck. If you want to use a paper card to customize it as a present use the hay string. Place oronfell in the sack cloth.

5) Aromatherapy in 5 minutes!


You need:

Cinnamon sticks

Artificial flower, sea shell etc.

Hay strings



Take a bundle of cinnamon sticks and wrap the hay strings around it as a ribbon. If you like you can add an artificial flower or a sea shell to the bundle. You can place this in your closet or in the guest bathroom to have a warm and pleasant cinnamon scent. If the scent fades by time wet the sticks and they will be like new.



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