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Stefano’s restaurant offers authentic Southern Italian cuisine. Chef Walter Miculan had recently modified the menu to incorporate this cuisine by offering a wide selection of antipasti, zuppe, homemade pasta, risotto and pesci e carni main courses.

Near the Mediterranean shores the chef used the advantage of the fresh seafood and elaborated specialty dishes with authentic Italian flavours. The “Insalata del Mediterraneo” is composed of Alexandria’s catch of the day with the original Taggiasche olive from Liguria.

Homemade pasta in our kitchen, “la vera pasta Italian”, allows the chef to make feeds daily, rigatoni, gnocchi, agnolotti and linguine with toppings that suits all falvors such as bolognese, marinara sauce or gorgonzola cheese. For the Alexandrian fondness of liver dishes, Walter offers it cooked a l’italiana with caramelized onion, as it’s a common course in Venice as well.

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