Founder of Go Curlzlouly Tells Her Story

We are constantly searching for inspiring and empowering stories to share. We were approached by the fascinating Hala El Sayed, founder of @gocurlzlouly blog. She started her blog to inspire Egyptian women to start embracing their natural curls.

“There is not a single girl in this country who was not teased about her curly hair when she was young; harassed or ridiculed by family or strangers about having big untameable hair,” she says.

 Unfortunately, girls with curly hair are raised to believe that their natural hair is extremely hard to manage and style, so they resort to straightening which ultimately destroys their hair. Blogs like Hala’s have definitely created a movement, encouraging girls and women in Egypt to celebrate their natural look. However, there still seems to be many misconceptions and myths about curly hair.

“If we can tell every woman in Egypt that her hair is beautiful, and that it is manageable and that there is nothing to be ashamed of, we will stop seeing masses of little girls wanting to straighten their hair. More importantly, we will stop shaming them, and help in enforcing change of the stereotypical perspective of beauty,” she says.

“All my life I have been one of those girls who did every possible little and big thing to my hair in an attempt to make people accept me. In the process, I severely damaged my confidence and natural beauty. This is the story of millions of Egyptian girls, I dare say, and I wish for that to change,” she says.

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