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The best way to spend your 30th birthday without aging concerns is certainly at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Spa. With their Algotherm Treatment, you’ll feel the outstanding indulgence of marine products that will soothe your skin with its anti-aging magical effect. After a very busy week, I wanted to give myself a treat, so I re-scheduled my meetings, switched off my phone and went to try out the facial treatment everyone was talking about. I was escorted by Roisah, the therapist who surely knows what women want, “Women want to be young and beautiful forever, that’s something I absolutely know from working with various female guests”, she told us. I began with a back massage to help me unwind before the facial treatment. The exotic scents and relaxing music inside the room melted my stress away. The therapist began by applying a cleansing toner on my face to make sure that my skin is all cleaned up from the city’s pollution. She applied a face peeling gel afterwards then massaged the face with anti-aging treatment techniques to protect the skin from wrinkles that might occur after 30. After the face massage, she added an anti-aging serum followed by an ice cold blue mask which is used as an anti-aging peel off mask. When my face was in treatment, Roisah began massaging my feet, ankles then she started massaging my hands. I  felt as if she already knows my exhausted body parts and when I  asked her how come a part of my left hand hurts a little bit from massage, she told me that’s because I do a lot of typing on daily basis, Wow! Women starting from the age of 30 are required to have this treatment once on monthly basis and women starting from the age of 35 need to do it twice. Try the Algotherm treatment and believe us, you won’t regret it.

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