Foodies, Prepare Thy Selves! Otlob is bound to get even Better after its Acquisition by Hello Food Middle East!

We were surprised to know that Online Food-Ordering Marketplace Hello Food Middle East announced that it has acquired from previous owner, the entrepreneurial company A15. Hello Food, which was founded in 2012, is an online food delivery marketplace in the MENA region. Hello Food enables restaurants to gain more visibility online and in mobile apps, while also offering the convenience to order food online and the widest gastronomic range for consumers. is one of Egypt’s first online companies, launched back in 1999″ is one of Egypt’s first online companies, launched back in 1999! It is an online and mobile marketplace that, very conveniently, allows users to order food from restaurants in their area. Filling a much-needed gap in the market, it grew quickly and was acquired by A15 in 2002.


The company now processes thousands of orders a day from over 500 restaurant partners that include the likes of McDonalds, KFC, Cook Door, Burger King, Pizza Hut and many more. The company operates in Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta, Hurghada, Port Said, and Asiut. Giving a much needed, and very fulfilling, experiences to those of us who love food, and hate making phone calls. will also benefit from Hello Food’s extensive operations expertise, with a strong focus on best-in-class customer experience”’s existing app and online product will be receiving a facelift, delivering a more user-friendly experience.  Customers will pay the same amount for food as if they went to the restaurant directly. plans to increase its already comprehensive portfolio of outlets, to serve more cities and cuisine types, and who can say no to more food? will also benefit from Hello Food’s extensive operations expertise, with a strong focus on best-in-class customer experience.



Of course, anything that makes the delivery and ordering process easier is definitely a winner on our list. We, as Egyptians, have a deep, undeniable love for food. It’s a favorite pastime of ours, not just a means of survival. In order to find out more, we Sat down with Khalid Bouassida, Otlob’s Managing Director, and Walid Saadany, Co-Managing Director of Hello Food Egypt, and they explained to us what this means for the Egyptian E-commerce market.


Otlob 2
Walid Saadany (left) and Khaled Bouassida (right)


What would you say has led to the success of Oltob in the market, giving it the capability to withstand any possible competitors?


We’ve been operating since 1999 and were founded before the Internet penetration in Egypt. Since then we learned the “know-how” of E-commerce in Egypt. We’ve strengthened our relationship with restaurants and know how to operate thousands of orders across hundreds of restaurants.


What would be the main factor you would attribute to Otlob‘s success in the market since being acquired by A15 in 2002?

A15 added a lot; unique service, high quality customer care, customer focus and localizing the service to name a few. We’re focused on customers; that’s what’s on our minds all day. We want to provide our users with the best way to order food.

Why was there a change of heart in pushing Hello Food in the market and instead acquiring Otlob?

Otlob is a well-known brand whose brand equity is hard to beat. Otlob has a very strong and positive brand equity that we, Hello Food, will take long to build. Going with Otlob will help us build on this and push our growth much easier in Egypt.

What does this acquisition mean for What can old users expect?

There will be aggressive growth and funding with the help of Hello Food’s expertise. The users should expect a simpler, easier, faster, user-friendly experience.




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