Food to the Rescue! Best Restaurants to Order from at the Office

It’s winter and that means we get hungry much faster. Of course, this includes working hours. So we are giving you a list of the best things to order while at the office.


  1. For an Oriental Breakfast, Order Zooba

For delicious Foul and Ta’meya sandwiches order Zooba. They also have a variety of cheese and egg sandwiches and traditional dishes, all smelling and tasting like they came straight from your grandma’s kitchen. They come in very easy and accessible wrapping that won’t make your desk a complete mess. Bonus points for the pretty packaging!

A favorite: White cheese and tomato sandwich.

Instagram: Zooba 


  1. For an International Breakfast, Order TBS

For Western-inspired breakfast, TBS would be the best choice. The delicious pastries are all breakfast-friendly and extremely delicious, and fresh every time they are ordered. You also get to make your own sandwich using their assortment of fresh ingredients and delicious freshly baked bread.

A favorite: Spicy cheese puff

Instagram: TBS

in season

  1. For a Healthy Lunch, Order In Season

Since being healthy is the new sexy, In Season is the one to go to for a healthy, filling lunch. They have the freshest salads in town and their portions are oh-so satisfying. Delicious, flavorful ingredients make for the yummiest salad. Their salads might be a bit pricy but you get what you pay for!

A Favorite: Low Carb Freak (Chicken)

Instagram: Inseason

il mulino

  1. For a Lunch to Share, Order Il Mulino

The pizza, to be specific. Sharing is caring, right? Il Mulino have great Italian pizza with endless options. They’re flavorful, fresh and cheesy! The crust is also to die for, since Il Mulino are known for their perfect pastries. Basically, this is everything you will ever want in a pizza.

A Favorite: Viennese pizza

Instagram: Il Mulino



  1. For a Guilty Pleasure Lunch, Order  Mince

It’s OK to indulge in a burger every now and then. Mince have great old school burgers, and some untraditional options for those who like to experiment. Their fries are to die for as well, whether you order the cheesy ones or with skin, they’re great! They come with gloves and wipes, because they know that a messy meal is a delicious one. This also helps keep it clean at the office.

A favorite: Juicy Lucy burger + skin on fries

Instagram: Mince


  1. For a Healthy Sweet Tooth, Order Lychee

Quench you sweet tooth the healthy way! Lychee is definitely the way to go when it comes to sweet cravings. You could go for juice or a fruit salad, you get vitamins and delicious, sweet taste at the same time.

A Favorite: The Real Passion (mango + passion fruit)

Instagram: Lychee


  1. For Real Dessert time, Order Munchies

Munchies offer desserts that will check all the craving boxes! Waffles, crepes and pancakes that will make you forget about how many calories they contain. You get to dress your waffle or crepe in all the toppings you want, from Milka chocolate to Maltesers and Snickers. They come in containers that will make the entire process less messy.

A favorite: Milka Waffle

Instagram: Munchies 




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