First Curls “Our youngest baby was 4 days old!”

First Curls is super cool and baby friendly!Based in Heliopolis, Cairo, the place is the first professional photography studio specializing & dedicated in baby and kids photography. The studio creates memories for families to celebrate every stage of their life in elegant professional photography that reflects their own style. From memories of the baby’s arrival to the world, to memories of them growing up from Day 1 until they become families of their own. Coucla Refaat, a professional photographer specialized in travel, fashion, furniture and entertainment is the mastermind behind first curls.


“Our priority is creating a wonderful atmosphere during the shoot, to create and capture genuine expressions & emotions. My team and I can’t get enough love from the mummy’s and daddy’s who come to the studio with lots of enthusiasm and trust. That’s what keep us going with insane elegant creativity and growing more” Coucla says.


First Curls Clients are great parents, grand parents and relatives who want memorable pictures of their kiddos to stay in their homes forever. First Curls offers different packages to give the parents a variety to choose from. “We love Newborns; our youngest baby was 4 days old! And we love them even more growing up and taking pictures of those tiny toes and fingers & celebrating their birthdays with our famous smash cake birthday package” she tells.


For a photographer, It’s very challenging to tame a baby to pose and smile, but First Curls team has all the know how’s when it comes to baby shoots, “Every age is a challenge! A great challenge. We meet different babies every day, different ages and different personalities. We are dedicated, professional and have lots and lots of patience. The session is normally from 2-3 hours, we give time for feeding, diaper change and some mummy cuddling along the way. So there is a lot of time to get creative and give the baby time to get to know the new place and the new faces he/she is being introduced too” she explains.


Styling a baby is cute yet needs a lot of hard work, “That’s the best part! Styling babies is our favorite part of the shoot. We have lots of props and accessories to choose from. Some parents come with their favorite outfits and choose a lot of stuff from our collection as well. Everything is usually pre organized before the shoot, so we can have everything ready for the day” she says.


Some parents might get concerned and worried from photography when it comes to little babies and others say it’s a myth, “It’s not a myth! Flash and harsh light can damage the baby’s sensitive eyes so we use natural light for newborns. The baby’s safety is our number 1 priority. The studio is baby proof, equipped and we always make sure to monitor the temperature to keep them warm & comfortable” she comments.




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