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Matching the Spring season this issue’s topic evolves around the garden. Although many people have a garden not all of them invest time and effort in making the best out of their green space. Here are some tips for the perfect garden.



  1. The Grill: a grill is a must for any garden, those who have enough space shouls invest in building a fixed grill. Place the grill on the south-east side of the garden to allow the wind to take away the grill smoke.


  1. Hammok: a hammock is one of the most relaxing and fun piece of furniture any garden or terrace should have. Check out your local outdoor furniture showroom for some extravagant models.



  1. Pathway: stone pathways add warmth and harmonize with the landscaping due to the earth tones. Matching the pathways there are various stone accessories that match the pathway and can be allocated on both sides. Some of these stone accessories function as lighting as well.


  1. Pool: for those who have a pool make sure to build a tanning deck around it to refresh that tan all year long, especially since Egypt is sunny all year long.
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