Finally! A Campaign That Encourages Women to Put Themselves First!

A brilliant campaign has been circulating on social media under the hashtag #انتي_الاول  (Enti El Awal , you first) to empower women, encourage them to put themselves first, and take some time to have a “Me Moment”. Every woman deserves to take a breath, relax, and energize to be able to put back her superwoman suite back on and run the world. The hashtag has been circulating on social media and has incited a range of positive reactions. If you were to choose one thing to do in your ‘Me Moment’ what will it be?

All women have super powers, and each super power needs a daily dose of a delicious energy boost. You wake up in the morning, prepare the kids’ lunchboxes, drive them to school, go to work, leave in a rush to pick up the kids and drive them to soccer practice and piano lessons, go back home prepares dinner, finish up homework with the kid, prepare them for bed and you are still alive and kicking! This is the story of each and every day of a busy mom.

Even women who don’t have kids have zillion responsibilities from the minute they wake up till the minute they go to bed. In between deadlines, emails and phone calls, everyone needs to have a good break and focus on the simple things that matter. Be it a meditation class, watching a cheesy chick flick or just a real interesting conversation with an old friend.

We can all agree that us women live a hectic, complex and overall exhausting life. How about you push the pause button for while?

What’s your “me moment”?

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