World War Z

Brad Pitt is back. And he’s a zombie buster in this jaw-dropping new movie which is destined to be a blockbuster hit. Pitt stars as United Nations employee Gerry Lane who travels the world in an epic and breathtaking race against time to stop the zombies that are wreaking destruction everywhere, wiping out armies and nations and threatening to rid the Earth of humanity itself. Brad Pitt’s performance as a guy who has desperately tries to combat zombies because he has everything to lose- including his family- is compelling and soulful and adds just the right amount of sentimentality. It tugs on your heart-strings and fills you with panic as more and more zombies appear and obliterate many, many humans.  This post-apocalyptic movie has the perfect combination of action, drama and horror and most importantly of all to all us women: the hunky BRAD PITT! It also stars Mireille Eno and Daniella Kertesz. 

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