As the 23rd James Bond movie, it had to come in with a bang flourishing on the IMAX theaters’ screen as a first for the famous series. The film also corresponds with the 50th anniversary of the James Bon saga making it the awaited film of the season featuring for the third time Daniel Craig as Bond, and for the first time Javier Bardem as Silva, the villain, best known for his role in No Country For Old Men. Following into the steps of every overly beautiful and fierce Bond girls, Berenice Lim Marlohe plays Severine, who attempts to help him fight his assassination, but gets killed by her employer in the process. Bond keeps his promise to Severine, he captures Silva and extracts him to the UK. With the help of Eve and Mallory they reach a remote area in Scotland called Skyfall Lodge, where they prepare a number of booby raps to catch Silva after his escape from London in the underground system.

In the end, Silva is killed by Bond, but M, the head of of MI6 and Bond’s commanding officer dies from a wound in the fight, Mallory takes the position while Eve decides to stay out of the field and work as M’s secretary. Skyfall brings Bond with its original flavor but with a whole new adventurous look that is sure to keep you interested every last second of it. The blockbuster has hit over $85 million in the U.S in the opening weekend and $77 million overseas. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure you don’t miss on the big screen experience that may brings out the Bond in you.


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