Jurassic World

We were invited by Mercedes to watch the premiere of Jurassic World. As children of the 90s, we grew up with Jurassic Park, and were definitely excited about the film. Revisiting a popular franchise like that of Jurassic Park must have been a great gamble. It did pay off for everyone involved, though. The film has been very well received by  both critics and audiences, receiving 7.7 stars on IMBD so far. It is set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, where the dinosaur theme park is now running safely and successfully. Seeing that it has been running for years, people have started to get bored. And in order to spark people’s interest again, a new breed of dinosaur is created. When, as expected, this new breed turns out to be dangerous, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) has to protect her two nephews as well  as the entire park, of which she’s responsible. She receives unlikely help from dinosaur trainer, Owen (Chris Pratt). Meanwhile, the military is applying pressure on the management to use some of the dinosaurs as weapons. Consequently, the situation rapidly deteriorates.

The film makes the perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. There are plenty of subtle tips of the hat to Jurassic Park. And at the same time, the film takes the old formula of moral conflict regarding the dinosaurs to a new, more modern, level. The film cleverly creates a world where the audience will definitely sympathize with the dinosaurs in captivity, and fear for the lives of humans at the same time as the plot unravels. Chris Pratt was a perfect pick for the film, with his nonchalant attitude and boyish charms. The rest of the cast was also well chosen. They have all managed to work together beautifully. The film was written with plenty of wit, which also adds a nice touch, reminiscent of the original film. All in all, it’s a pleasant family movie that brings back a lot of memories without being too reliant on its predecessor. 

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