Al-Gezira 2

After the vague events that led to the disappearance of Mansour El-Hafny in part one of Al-Gezira, the turbulences of the January 25th Egyptian Revolution allow death row inmate Mansour El-Hafny, played by Ahmed El-Sakka, to escape prison to reunite with his brother Fadl and his son Ali in the sequel. Debates arise about whether or not they should go back to their sanctuary on Al-Gezira and reclaim what is supposed to be rightfully theirs. Despite Ali’s disapproval, Mansour makes a return to Al-Gezira only to be put in a position where he has to rival with his previous lover Karima, played by Hend Sabri, who is now her family’s superior. The plot thickens when El-Sheikh Gaafar, played by the late Khaled Saleh, gets involved. Once again, Director Sherif Arafa and Producer Hisham Abdel Khalek manage to make us fall in love with criminals.

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