Feras Saeed: “Society sees that power resides in the man’s hand which is completely false.”

Feras Saeed graced our TV screens not long ago with his great performance in the TV show “Farah Layla” with the Egyptian diva Laila Elwi. Saeed didn’t stop then he continues to surprise us with staggering performances, proving with every new role that he is a flow of exceptional talent.

In your opinion, how would you define manhood?

Manhood lies within the man’s character. A man should be responsible to others and should know his priorities as a husband and as a father.  

How does society view manhood?

Unfortunately, society sees that power resides in the man’s hand. Women now have more responsibilities and important roles in society than men. Women have become more resilient in this harsh environment we are living in.  

What do you think of the phrase “Men don’t cry”?  

This phrase is perhaps the biggest myth that we inherit from our parents and pass on to our children. There is no shame in a man crying I honestly think it is a very healthy way to deal with life’s pressures. 

What do you believe should be the man’s role at home?

People and society have always described men’s roles as the providers and protectors of the house. However the man and woman should both share the role of the provider in a relationship and in a family.  

Do you see that men force their power over women?

Yes, I believe that every civilization has passed through a phase where men dominated everything. What’s very unfortunate is the fact that we still in the Arab world believe that a woman’s role is not as significant as the man’s.   

In your opinion, how can you raise your son to be a man?

Fathers should befriend their sons and destroy the fear barrier. Unfortunately, many fathers raise their sons the way they were raised, our children now live in a very exposed world and parents should delve into their children’s passions and show their kids both care and respect. That is the greatest way to bond with them. 

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