Female Egyptian asks women in what weird ways their men tried to control them: Responses will shock you!

It is 2017, the world has developed in so many ways, progress and advancement are all around us, but despite all that, in our male-dominated society the concept of Sy ElSayed still hasn’t completely vanished from our society.

A fair share of Egyptian men is known for being controlling and possessive. But then again, how controlling can Egyptian men be? Allow your mind to think big. Done? Now thing bigger!

An Egyptian woman posted on Facebook asking women about the weirdest ways in which they were controlled by their partners and responses were quite extreme!

Control 1

1) Farting is a sign of intimacy!

Apparently love is too much of a cliched measure for intimacy, farting on the other hand is the secret to any successful relationship! This girl’s partner used to force her into farting in front of him just to make sure they were comfortable enough around each other!

Control 2

2) Walking in the same direction as cars is “3eeeeeb”!

It is quite surprising how creative men can be when it comes to their paranoia. This person thought walking in the same direction as the cars was a deal-breaker with his fiancée, as it made her disrespectful and potentially seeking out harassment from drivers. So whatever unfortunate woman ends up involved with a man of this mindset is destined to disregard her destination and focus on the direction of cars.

Control 3

3) Don’t you dare look around you, yes, he is the only creature on the planet

Sometimes it is not your behavior that is troubled, it is his doubtful soul and trust issues that is the catastrophe. This man would fight with his partner for looking around while sitting with him. Oh, dear God, next thing we know he’ll be buying her a neck brace!

Control 4

4) “Alo” is the new ******

This could be the funniest one so far because this woman wasn’t allowed to say “Alo” (Hello) when answering the phone. So, dear person who came up with this crap, please let us know the concept behind such absurd rule just so we can laugh some more.

Control 5

5) Now what?

Even the simple pleasure of wearing sneakers, putting on headphones or joking with your brother was somehow manipulated and twisted into something “3eeb”. This person wouldn’t let his partner do all three.

Control 6

6) You can only laugh at his jokes, even if they aren’t that funny!

Apparently, you can’t laugh at someone else’s good joke without having a hidden agenda or at least that’s how it is for this man who wants his partner only laughing at his jokes. At least this isn’t a total bummer because with this ridiculous joke of a rule, he sounds like a funny guy!

Control 7

7) Who knew you’d need to take permission before you take off your hair band!

We would make a joke about not being in grade three anymore, except this doesn’t even happen there! This woman reveals that her partner told her she had to take permission before letting her hair go loose. We bet even Sy ElSayed didn’t think of such nonsense!

Control 8

8) You can only befriend women who are controlled by hypocrites!

This woman had to unfriend all the single women she knew because they weren’t lead by men. Last time we checked the world is not a puppet show, and we are certainly not the dolls!Control 9

These anecdotes may seem beyond the realms of possibility for some people. We’ve been used to men telling women what to wear and what to work for instance but we don’t often hear about her having to take permission to wear her hair in a certain way, joke with her brother or walk in the same direction as the cars. But it’s our acceptance to the first part that lead to the second. If women refuse to be controlled, men won’t find anyone to exercise their sick need for power over. If women ask for the simple human right of wearing headphones, looking around or even having the will power of choosing not to fart in front of anyone, men will learn that the only people obligated to abide by this hideousness are themselves.

Find the original Facebook post here.

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