Feature: Breaking the Bars of Segn El Nessa

Last Ramadan, Segn El Nessa TV series conquered the audiences completely. The story by Fatheya El Assal was brought to life by director Kamla Abu Zekry and Script writer Mariam Naoum. In a brilliant cast lead by the fabulous Nelly Karim, the three musketeers did it again and topped the success of last year’s “A Girl called Zat”. With love for detail, strong factual research and hard work, “Segn El Nessa” has proven to be an extraordinary project in modern Egyptian TV drama.

We sat down with some of the most controversial characters of the series, who are also extraordinary talents and actors; the legendary Salwa Khattab, the aspiring Nesreen Amin and the talented Ahmed Dawood.


Link to Salwa Khattab’s Interview: http://whatwomenwant-mag.com/2014/12/salwa-khattab-every-phase-of-my-life-is-different-and-unique/

Link to Nesreen Amin’s Interview: http://whatwomenwant-mag.com/2014/12/nesreen-amin-i-started-out-with-something-people-wait-20-years-to-achieve/

Link to Ahmed Dawood’s Interview: http://whatwomenwant-mag.com/2014/12/ahmed-dawood-i-guess-women-want-saber/



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